Sweet or Vicious: Animal Accessories – Meshme

Welcome to the first edition of Sweet or Vicious: the animal accessories version. First, let us explain what we mean by sweet or vicious.

The Meshme customer is described best as "where whimsical meets wild side." She is equal parts daring and darling, or, you could also say equal parts sweet and vicious. Sometimes our juniors fashion is more on the sweet side; other times it is more vicious. 

In this segment on our blog, we will select items that are a bit opposite – one for the sweet side and one for the vicious side. You can learn about your own personal style preferences and see some of our fun fashions at the same time. 

Take for example one of the top trends that you can find in our selection of jewelry. Animal motifs are adorning everything from necklaces to rings to bracelets. Some creatures are cute whereas others are a little more creepy. 

If you have ever described a particular creature as your "spirit animal," however, then finding your spirit animal in jewelry form could be a great way to creatively express yourself! Below, we have listed the animal accessories we carry, categorized as either sweet or vicious. Click the corresponding link to be directed to the one that interests you the most. Or, to browse our jewelry selection in its entirety, click here

Pufferfish Crystal Ring
Blue Parrot Crystal Ring
Green Crystal Fish Ring
Crystal Dog Wrap Ring
Silver Bird On Branch Crystal Ring
Cute Crystal Elephant Ring
Swimming Turtle Rhinestone Ring
Gold Butterfly Pendant Necklace
Crystal Hanging Owl Pendant Necklace

Firey Dragon Crystal Ring
Lizard Rhinestone Ring
Roaring Leopard Gold Rhinestone Ring
Musical Skull Ring
Silver and Iridescent Rhinestone Lizard Cuff
Rainbow Crystal Spider Necklace
Egyptian Wrap Jeweled Snake Choker Necklace


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