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If you are here at, we are hoping that you are ready to "get meshed."

This could be interpreted in a couple of different ways. 

First of all, "get meshed" could simply be shopping the fashionable, edgy clothing selection from Meshme. With styles that are unique, affordable and cutting-edge, you are sure to find a great new piece to add to your wardrobe – at which point you can officially consider yourself “meshed.”

But there is another way to look at the idea of getting meshed. This one is a little more literal. If you browse through our selection, you will notice that mesh is a key textile used in many of our designs. We love the playful seduction that mesh cutouts and overlays bring to an outfit.

What do we love about mesh? We love the contrast that it offers of completely showing skin, but also having a layer between that skin and the rest of the world. Since our Meshme shoppers are definitely cool and a little untouchable, mesh fabric is the Meshme woman embodied in a textile form. It is a great statement of attitude to make on those days where you just do not feel like getting dressed, but you know you are required to wear something, so your choice is edgy and revealing. 

If this sounds like you, we encourage you to get fully meshed in our clothing. To help get you started, we have gathered a few of our favorite products featuring mesh below.



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