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With as busy as life can get, weekend getaways are a no brainer. Whether you are headed to a music festival, taking a spring break adventure or looking ahead to the three day weekend for Memorial Day in May, the current season that we are in presents many opportunities to travel. This brings up the most important question: what to pack for a weekend getaway? Luckily, we have some fashionable selections from Meshme to make sure you travel comfortably, stylishly and prepared for anything.

Take a look at the items we have gathered and notice the common threads. We have chosen a color palette for our weekend getaway. Rather than tossing random things into a bag that may or may not go together, think big picture and try to create a mini capsule collection. White, grey and black can be mixed and matched in endless ways. If you want to add a pop of red, orange, green or any other favorite color, you can rest assured knowing that it will coordinate with everything you have brought.

One thing to keep in mind when wondering what to pack for a weekend getaway is the textile. You will also notice that all the items are made from a cotton blend. They are resistant to wrinkles and can be folded up into a suitcase without taking up too much space. Another point to consider when wondering what to pack for a weekend getaway is the silhouette. We love to travel in maxi lengths. They cover the legs if you happen to find yourself on a cool plane or train, but they do not add to much weight if you are going to be out in the sun.

We also like how any of these items could be dressed up or dressed down to suit different occasions you may find yourself in on vacation. With chunky sandals and ankle booties, they make great daytime options. If you are headed out to a fancy dinner, switch out for a pair of heels and some statement jewelry and they are easily transformed into elegant evening appropriate dress. And, with our affordable pricing, you do not have to worry about maxing out your travel budget before the trip even starts!

1. "Towne" Stripe Sleeveless Long Slit Maxi Dress      2. "Runi" Black Bodycon Maxi Dress      3. "Claire" Striped Sleeveless Tank Dress      4. Buttoned Cardigan - Grey

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