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Here at Meshme, we kind of have a thing for black eyeliner. With our edgy selection of fun fashion, it is the perfect finishing touch. One fun way to wear liquid liner is to create a winged look, or "cat eye." However, sometimes this is easier said than done! Luckily, we have some tricks to help make this tricky task a little less difficult. Here are some of our best tips for how to create the perfect cat eye. 

1. The Right Brush 
Makeup artists will agree that when it comes to how to create the perfect cat eye, the brush is the single most important factor. Brushes are created particularly for this look. Imagine you took a perfectly symmetrical trapezoid, and cut it in half down the middle. One end of the shape will therefore stick out at an angle. This is the shape of brush you will want to use.

2. Keep It Tight
The tighter your skin, the easier the liner will be to apply. Close your eye. Then, place your fingertip to the outside corner of your eye, and pull outward and upward. Now, you have a taut area to work with. 

3. Slow and Steady 
Starting at the inner eye and slowly working outward, apply your liquid liner along your lash line using your cat eye brush. Rather than focusing strictly on one eye, then trying to get the other to match, alternate between the two eyes and build them evenly together. 

4. Tape The Tip
Now that your lid has been lined, it is time to create the wing tip or cat-eye. The easiest way to do this is to use a small piece of scotch tape. Take a one inch strip of tape. Dull the adhesive by sticking it to your arm and ripping it off a few times, so it will be more delicate around your eye area. Apply the tape to the bottom of your lashes, and angle it upward towards your temple. Be sure to note the angle of the tape. Too severe of an angle (for example, if the top of your tape is close to your eyebrow) will result in an overly dramatic eye. A flatter angle may not be dramatic enough. Using your liquid liner, follow the line that the tape makes, extending outward to your desired wing length. Repeat for the other eye.

5. Touch it Up
Once the liner has dried, gently remove the tape and examine your work. You may need to fill in and blend the area between your tip and the eyelid line that you previously drew. Do not forget that a blending brush and moist Q-tip can be your best friend when it comes to shaping your eyeliner into perfect symmetry. 

6. Practice Makes Perfect! 
The more you apply your cat eye, the easier it will become, until it is second nature! 


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