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Welcome to another edition of Meshme's Sweet or Vicious. The Meshme customer is described best as "where whimsical meets wild side." She is equal parts daring and darling, or, you could also say equal parts sweet and vicious. Sometimes our juniors fashion is more on the sweet side; other times it is more vicious. 

This time, we focus on lace versus leather. Sweet may prefer lace while vicious chooses leather. Whether you are the former or the latter, Meshme can suit your fancy. 


What are some of the top lace items we carry for sweethearts? The Allison Black Floral Lace Two-Piece Set as pictured above is a great place to start. For more sugar and less spice when it comes to lace, we also have our Sugar Strapless White Lace Dress, Melissa Lace Cropped Cami and Endless Rose Black Bodycon Sweater.


Leather is the vicious counterpart to lace. Balance out the sweetness with our Marta Vegan Leather Skirt & Sweater Dress, as seen here. Even more daring, we have our Casey Vegan Leather Black Flared Skirt. Do not miss our handbag selection, where we have plenty of vegan leather bags. The edgy chain detailing makes the perfect vicious accent. 

Stay tuned here to Meshme's blog for more sweet or vicious match-ups as we compare and contrast some of our favorite items in our shop. Not inspired by lace or leather? Not to worry - we have plenty of other options. Click here for the full clothing selection Meshme currently has in stock. Happy Shopping! 


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