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Last week brought with it the arrival and departure of Labor Day. By many accounts, fall is starting. Yet the Los Angeles heat wave is telling us something different -- clearly, it is still summer. To be honest, here at Meshme, we are fans of both seasons, and find ourselves a little bit torn between the two. We long to hang on to the end of summer, and the carefree fashions that go with it. At the same time, we are ready to embrace a fall array of textiles and colors. The indecision led to the best of both worlds in our new arrivals – welcome to the Split Season at Meshme. Whether you are searching for fresh fashions to keep that summer vibe going strong, or you are ready to refresh your wardrobe for fall, we can help. Many of our pieces can be mixed and match to suit both seasons effectively. It is all in the styling. 

// SUMMER //

1. Lois Suede Skirt      2. Geo Romper       3. Raven Tube Dress       4. Annie Suede Bodysuit

These carefree summer options showcase skin and style with just the right balance of sex appeal and sophistication. The mini skirt and bodysuit are both made from faux suede, a textile that is just as appropriate for the fall, making them the perfect split season transitional pieces. 

// AUTUMN //

5. Sally Cropped Sweater       6. Sandy Set      7. Shelly Chambray Jacket      8. Diana Set    

We love how the fall color palette transitions to an earthy green. Denim and knitwear are emphasized a little more. However, each of these tops could be paired with a pair of shorts for the remainder of summer, or styled in other ways to balance the split season.

Where do you stand: summer, fall or both? 

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