Breeze Through: Summer to Fall Fashion with Meshme

This week, we celebrated the Autumn Equinox, more colloquially known as the First Day of Fall. New seasons mean new starts. We love the idea of breezing through the change in seasons from summer to autumn by presenting a clean slate and fresh outlook, open to the potential of all fall has in store.

What do we mean by starting fall with a clean slate? Well, whether it is renewed vigor for a new school year, a rededication to resolutions long forgotten, or some other way of getting back on track after the end of summer, a clean slate can look like many different things. However, no matter what situation you find yourself in, it is easy to convey this look in your fashion choices with the selection at Meshme.

Breeze Through represents a trendy minimalism showcased in crisp, bright whites and silhouettes and shapes that are not too fussy. Specifically, some of the looks we love include our Alana – Distressed Torn Oversized Shirt, Athena – Power Shoulder Dress With Belt, and Bailey – Mandarin Collar Blouse, as seen below.

As fall progresses and you embrace some of the more trendy seasonal items, the Breeze Through collection is a great base to build upon. There is nothing that white does not go with. In fact, these pieces are not only great for right now, but they will come in handy as the seasons change later from fall to winter and you find yourself wanting to sport winter whites.

So, if you are wondering, yes - that totally justifies a little splurge in terms of a shopping trip at Meshme. Come on over and get started by clicking here. And, once you have received your exciting new fashions, be sure to upload a snap to Instagram, tag @MeshmeFashion, and hashtag #MeshmeOnMe so we can all participate in the fun!


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