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Are you familiar with Meshme's Sweet or Vicious series? Every once in a while, we pair contrasting looks against each other. It is fun for our customers to see if they align with lace over leather, or cute animals instead of aggressive ones. 

This is because at Meshme, our customer is best described as where whimsical meets wild side. She is both daring and darling. Some days, it is fun to dress up in sweet ensembles, whereas other days, a vicious attitude is just what is needed. For all the many moods and personalities of our fashionistas, Meshme is here. 

Today, our sweet or vicious inspiration is romance versus rock and roll. If you look to the New Arrivals at Meshme currently, you will see that this dynamic duo of inspirations is evident in the looks. 

Sweet: Romance

Let's begin by examining sweet. If you are looking to inject a dose of sugar into your wardrobe, our romantic Mildred red floral lace mini dress comes to mind first. Flowing chiffon feels ethereal. And, it does not get much cuter than our Wendy faux suede scalloped miniskirt. For the romantic in all of us, these sweet styles are perfect options. 

Vicious: Rock and Roll

Of course, for every soft silhouette we offer, we balance it out with a healthy helping of rock and roll. Dark edge is conveyed in our Sylvia studded biker jacket. Corset style lacing and black mini dresses are the perfect combination for the fashion forward rocker, which is why we offer options like our Angela and Angie dresses. 

Which way is the wind blowing you today? Are you feeling more sweet and romantic, or a little more edgy with our vicious rock and roll inspiration? Whatever the case may be, give in to your desire, and shop Meshme. 

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