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  • Red Hot

    Here is a trend that is definitely hot at right now - in fact, it seems entirely appropriate to call it a red hot trend. The color red, from an orangey tomato to a crimson, is something we are seeing appear over and over again in our selection of juniors clothing. 

    It is no surprise that the darker reds are popular. After all, color forecasting agency Pantone named "Marsala" the color of the year. This dark red, wine-like hue has been spotted in consumer products including fashion, interior items, beauty products, packaging and more. 

    As far as brighter reds go, here at Meshme, we pride ourselves on the boldness and edginess of our target customer. If you relate to the Meshme aesthetic, you no doubt already have several sexy red dresses or cute red tank tops in your closet. The special selections we have would be happy to join your closet, making it a cohesive collection of fun fashions that suit your personal style. 

    Not ready to make as bold of a statement with wearing red all over? Try instead our jewelry and handbag departments! A pop of red in a clutch or cocktail ring adds a certain trendiness to your look without making the loudest statement in the room. And, click the links below to see some of our favorite red apparel items. 

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  • Meet Meshme: Daring & Darling


    Are you bored of your wardrobe and in need of a little extra pizazz? Or, are you tired of shopping at all the same places as your friends that you have favored for years? If you are looking for a new resource for edgy junior clothes, it is time you learned about Meshme! We are the latest, hip online store, offering apparel and accessories to anyone who strikes that balance between whimsical and wild side.  

    Within the selection of junior clothes at Meshme, you will find the following categories: 

    • Sets
    • Blouses
    • Dresses
    • Sweaters
    • Jackets
    • Shorts
    • Skirts
    • Bracelets
    • Earrings
    • Rings
    • Necklaces
    • Handbags

    Carefully curated by a team of experts, these styles represent the latest fashions in junior clothes on the market right now. They are relevant enough to keep you on trend, but unique enough to set you apart.

    Who is the Meshme shopper that wears these junior clothes? She is a dangerous combination of daring and darling; equal parts sweet and vicious. If you have ever related to these sentiments, Meshme is for you. Think lyrical clichés like “whiskey in a teacup” or “nightmare dressed like a daydream” (though in terms of music she admittedly relates much more to Charli XCX than Taylor Swift).

    Her plaid schoolgirl skirt is styled with knee high socks; her girly blouses are contradicted by distressed denim and edgy ankle booties.  You will find her at music festivals, rock shows and record stores; in the modern art section of the library or museum. With a sketchbook full of doodles and song lyrics, she is the daredevil, the photographer, the spontaneous free spirit, the lead singer’s girlfriend, the night owl.  Her sense of style is as sharp as her wit.

    Does this sound a little or a lot like you? Come on over and browse our selection to find out just how much of a Meshme girl you are. With our affordable pricing, you will have no trouble updating your style without breaking the bank. 

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